In the Victorian era, flowers were a coded language of emotions, desires, and unspoken messages. Because of this, flowers had the ability to speak louder than words in a time when speaking the truth of one's emotions was socially unacceptable. Today the language of flowers is still relevant. They symbolize love, regret, passion, loss, remembrance, and have the ability to subtly convey a message.

Like so many artists, I am compelled to paint flowers. For me the subject is not merely decoration. When setting up a still life, I use things like vases, cloth, and other objects, combined with the flowers of my choosing, to help express the thoughts and feelings within. While I am painting, it is easier for me to linger in those feelings. Like the people we are compelled to interact with in our lives, flowers can be powerful symbols from deep within. I will be lingering in this place for a long time.

"Be observant if thou wouldst have a pure heart, for something is born to thee in consequence of every action." - Rumi


LOOCH said...

Great explanation, flowers, words and actions did have more meaning back then. Took a couple of viewings of 'Sense and Sensibility' for me to see that...Great to see you posting Julia! Glad to be able to see your work online; beautiful collection you're creating.


Kevin Barber said...


Your posts are always meaningfull, enlightening and beautifull. Keep it up. Your Truly a fine artist.

Julia Lundman Midlock (Julie) said...

Mr. LOOCH - I think I know who you are...we used to work together (I think).

Thanks so much for the comments guys. I really do appreciate it!