A few things from my archives

"Judi and Chloe", charcoal. 

The technique here is charcaol on watercolor board. I picked it up from Richard Schmid's amazing figure painting book (the one he did in the 70's).Posted by Picasa

This is a watercolor I did several years ago when I used to paint at the Palette and Chisel in Chicago. This painting was stolen! Oh well...I think its way too fussy anyway.  Posted by Picasa

"Theresa", oil

My former boss, Monica Kendall at Calabash in Chicago bought this at a two person show I had at the Palette and Chisel in the mid 90's (can't remember the date). Posted by Picasa


"Azevedo Ranch Chickens, Rio Vista",

these chickens are on Azevedo Ranch, my stepmother's family farm. I love the way the light was coming in through the chicken wire. Not sure I captured what I was seeing, as the darks are too flat. When you paint dark values too thick they don't reflect light back and can make the painting look flat and dull. I think that happened here.  Posted by Picasa

"Pumpkins", just a quick little study.  Posted by Picasa

"Peonies 2", I couldn't resist painting a close up view of these interesting flowers. Posted by Picasa

"Crabapples and Peonies" Posted by Picasa

"Peonies" Posted by Picasa

"Quinces and limes", a recent still life done in my studio. I love still life painting...i hope to do much more. Posted by Picasa

"Poppies", hard to paint poppies...these things move like crazy within just a few hours.  Posted by Picasa

"Pansies", still life again. Pansies are my favorite flower to paint. Posted by Picasa