CTN Ad and Quick Animation

This year I took up the opportunity to advertise in the CTN Sketchbook, a collectible printed sketchbook you can buy. I created this ad using some of my art. The book is in black and white, and because of that I submitted this piece in black in white. The 2015 sketchbook should be available in a few weeks at the CTN STORE.

I liked the composition a lot, so I also created it in color, too. I also made a bookmark of "The Act". I will have both color bookmarks while at the show. If you see me ask for one - they're free! Ping me at @Paintkatt on Twitter if you're at the show and want a bookmark!

The other day I also messed around with the animation timeline in Photoshop. It's changed a lot over the years, the old ImageReady version being pretty clunky. The new version allows you to change the frame rate and add transitions and effects. (All of this would have been fantastic back when I used to create little gif animations in Photoshop for the Pogo Mini's when I worked at Pogo.com/Electronic Arts.) The Photoshop animation timeline also allows you to add sounds files. I played around with that in order to get a feel for it and came up with this silly little test. Pretty fun to play around with sound files!

In the next month I should have some more updates with personal illustration art. Updates are a little slower than anticipated this summer. I have been taking a Gnomon Workshop online Maya modeling class. The homework has been pretty time consuming but I gotta say, it's really fun to model things! So far I've modeled a 1950's era ray gun and am currently working on modeling a vintage vespa. Our teacher, Disney Feature Animation modeler James Schauf, has been the most fantastic teacher. 

Thanks for reading!