Painting in Zion

Here are three of the one hour studies i did on the trails. My dad carried my 30 pound backpack that had my paint box and supplies. He was my sherpa basically. What a great thing to have a dad like that, huh? Anyway, we'd stop after a few hours of hiking, I'd set up my stuff, paint for an hour, clean up, and then we'd hike back. At night we'd sit around the campfire at my dad's campsite and chat about the day. The desert is a very healing place. It's amazing. I can honestly say I feel like a chapter in my life has been closed and I'm about to write a new one. Hopefully the new chapter will involve me being who I am and not just dreaming of who I could be.


Paintings Framed and Sent!

I got the frames last week. I framed the two paintings for the Salon International show at the Greenhouse Gallery in Texas. I crated them up and sent them today. It might seem silly to be so excited about framing and sending off these paintings, but it makes me happy. It feels good to be making a little progress. :)