I didn't really finish it, but it's as done as it's gonna get. Next...

March Still Life

it's a bit unfinished, but the flowers were on their way out, so i had to stop. i may tighten up some areas later.

i saw the green swan planter in a shop and thought it was pretty cool. i am a collector of pottery, especially vintage pieces. the green swan planter is a reproduction of a 50's design.
originally, i wanted to paint an entire still life that contained 100% green objects of varying shades. I had a problem however...the yellow lilies bloomed and the hyacinth bulbs bloomed. so to balance out the design i purchased some narcissus and placed them in the still life. i will still probably try the all green painting again in the future. it would also be cool to try an all pink or all white painting too. hmmmmm....



Here is my third sculpture. Somehow they always look too stiff and angular, especially compared to such beautiful examples from others in the workshop.

The rib cage is not tilting and twisting the way I had intended. Try, try again. I'm becoming addicted to sculpting.


Quick Sketches

I have been really busy at work these past few weeks working late nights and weekends with little time for drawing or painting for myself. But I remembered some sketches from the Riley Street Art Store drawing workshop that I never posted. The model was the beautiful Kat Love. She has really long legs, as you can see by the sketches.