It's Showering Paper Flowers and Chinese Take Out

This week I don't have any paintings. I was busy preparing for a bridal shower in honor of my step sister, Kate, who is engaged to be married later this summer. The bridal shower brunch was at the Zuni Cafe.

The inspiration for the theme came from all of the Chinese take out I've been eating on Friday afternoons after late night dinners on Thursday after sculpting class. I found these cute patterns for Chinese take out boxes at the Paper Source. I filled each of them with chocolate snaps cut cut into hearts with a small cookie cutter. I also put two pink chocolate hearts in each box as a special treat.

The centerpieces were crafted from child sized collanders found at Sur La Table which were filled with paper flowers I made from kits purchased at the Paper Source. My good friend Elaine deserves at least half the credit for the shower. She helped me craft many of the flowers and put together the take out boxes! A HUGE help.

We all had such a wonderful time at the Zuni Cafe for Katie's bridal shower. Love is a reason to celebrate. How wonderful.


February Satsumas with Chestnut Branches

I deliberately arranged the objects in this painting at 90 degree angles, thinking it would emphasize the more fluid organic elements; the protea, the satsumas, writing on the vase, and the branches.

I enjoyed painting this. Being home sick from work the past few days, I set up this still life, listened to the soundtrack to "Coraline", and spent some quality time with my kitty, Maggie. Although my mood the past few days has been pretty blue, the solitude combined with intense concentration really balanced everything out.