Eostre Bunny

I didn't really finish this, but here it is. I was looking at the photography of Hans Silvester, who spent five years traveling to the Omo Valley to capture these amazing images from Africa. The photos caused me to think about the roots of Easter in human culture and wonder about possible connections to the Easter bunny. I know this is a little odd, but it was fun to think about.
I did this for our team blog at Pogo, which can be found here.


Monday Evening Drawing Workshop

all of these are red china marker on newsprint. the poses varied from five minutes to twenty minutes.
i love quick pose sessions. it is a relaxing way to draw, given that you are basically looking for a more gestural sense of the form rather than intricately rendered figures. great fun!


Monday morning Moon

This is a quick little sketch for the sketchbook project that my friend Cherylyn and are working on. The last few pages she did were about the sun, so I did this one about the moon. I will probably develop this a little further soon.