About Me

I am a concept artist and illustrator. My portfolio can be seen here:

As a kid growing up on army bases, I moved around a lot with my family. As a result, movies and books were my main form of entertainment. I also drew a lot, too, played piano, trumpet and sang. I loved anything that was a bridge to my imagination and always wondered if I had stories to tell, what they would be. 

Attending the American Academy of Art in Chicago as a young artist still inspires me, as the school was the training ground for many of the popular "golden age" illustrators like Haddon Sundblom and Andrew Loomis, among others.  There I learned about the incredible art of narrative storytelling in art. I am forever in their debt.

I was also really lucky because the incredible painter Richard Schmid was down the street from the school. I went to see him paint and give lectures often, and became a member of the historic art league, The Palette and Chisel, in Chicago, where I really learned a ton about color and light. His teachings are a deep influence on how I paint.

I enjoy experimenting with various media, studying historical techniques, learning and sharing what I'm focusing on in my artistic life. This blog is where I share my experiments, personal art, and from time to time updates on things going on in my career. I hope you enjoy!