Update: "ONE" Art Auction Benefit for Japan

The auction was an enormous success! In Sho Murase's words, who helped organize the event:
"One,ひとつ was a HUGE success. All of 50 pieces of art work were sold and hundreds of people came to the show. This was where artists came to unite to help Japan. Our final number was $30,605, well over our goal. Considering we only had a few weeks to prepare, it is an amazing success!! Many thanks to all the volunteers and special thanks to Vaughn Ross and Sho Murase to lead this event and Seiji Horibuchi of New People to give us space at high end Superfrog Gallery. Many more events are coming. Stay tuned! "

Thank you to the person (I don't know who it was) that purchased my piece, "Peace Pagoda", and all who bid on the drawing! It was made with the greatest love and the proceeds will help so many in need.


Fairy Castle Freelance Project


and here is a version with no characters, background only. I could mess with this forever, tightening up areas, simplifying shadows, etc. I wish I could draw and paint backgrounds again for a living. I love it so...

I recently worked on a freelance project for Michael Borge, who has created a show called, "The Royal Ladybugs". I was part of a small team consisting of a few artists, all female, who contributed really wonderful art for the show. Here is my contribution, the establishing shot of the Morning Castle.
You can see from the progression that I made quite a few changes along the way. The castle is part of an animated sequence as a reel to sell the show, so I needed to make the layout large enough and long enough so the camera can push in while some overlay pieces pull to the sides, an effect we used all the time when I worked at Calabash. I'm still a HUGE fan of multiplane. Anyway, when I am finished with the overlays I'll post those too. I think it will be really neat! This entire project was seriously FUN!


Maverix Art Auction Benefit for Japan Relief

O N E - ひとつ SuperFrog Gallery

1746 Post St , New People building , top floor
San Francisco, CA
Saturday April 2nd

Join us for the upcoming silent auction party , for the rare chance to
bring home original art from celebrated artists in the animation & film industry
(Pixar, Lucas, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon to name a few ),

Dice Tsusumi, Robert Valley,
Ronnie Del Carmen, Enrico Casarosa,
Scott Morse, Bill Presing,
Lou Romano,Cam De Leon, Tooru Terada,
Daniel Simon, John Waishank,
Patrick Awa,Joey Chou, Ed Bell,
Todd Ueminami, Marcos Mateu,
Mari Inukai ,Yoriko Ito, Jackie Huang,
Soosa Kim, Jamie Baker, Alina Chou, Oren Haskins,
Sei Nakashima, Julia Lundman, Le Tang,
Ted Mathot ,Tom Rubalcava, Derek Thompson,
Sho Murase, Sergio Paez, Vaughn Ross...

100% of all proceeds to Artists Help Japan Fund with Mercy Corps.

I will be donating this piece, "Peace Pagoda, Japantown, San Francisco". It is a piece I did for the 30th World Wide Sketch Crawl last January. Maverix site here: