WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot said...

art is not only about expressions and flovours about human life but also about the has-beens and the what-ifs.

i think you message applies not only to artists but to every human being. in my opinion there is something artistic in everything we do, from the most simple tasks to the extremely complicated proceedures. everyone is an artist in what they do and that is what differentiates them from others when one considers the same work. for example i am a physicist at heart yet it is the artistic beauty of the universe that inspires me the most. this one explanation of reality as we know it will explain what i mean :
"the universe is a symphony of strings and the mind of God is cosmic music resonating throughout hyperspace"

in the end it is simply how we draw out our lives or how critically we observe others that defines what sort of artists we are.

Kevin Barber said...

Wow !! Beautifull work. You must've went to the American Academy or somethin. :)
I'll be back often.

Julia Lundman Midlock (Julie) said...

Hello, WTF,

Well isn’t that funny, because I was thinking of exactly that. Seriously. I watched this really great documentary educational series awhile ago about String Theory that made me think that nothing is an accident – everything that happens, past, present and future, is a harmony of what seems to be chaos and accident, but is really cause and effect, which interconnects us and perhaps reveals the mind of God. Whatever it is, it is interesting to me that everything is connected. If it’s God, Yin Yang, parallel universes, the big bang, whatever, there is an intelligence there. I'm convinced of it, especially lately.

Julia Lundman Midlock (Julie) said...

Hey Kevin! Thanks for visiting!!! It's awesome to hear from you! I saw your name on Joe Merideth's blog and thought I'd check in.



Anonymous said...

You are beautiful!

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot said...

well, i see things the same way. its a puzzle of join the dots but in the end there is only one start and one finish, be that the mortality of us humans or the universe, that is always constant.

"there is an intelligence there. I'm convinced of it, especially lately."
why the especially lately might i ask ?

Julia Lundman Midlock (Julie) said...

The first sentence in my post explains it all. I had been planning my life very carefully for at least ten years, only to have it shaken up by chance. But chance, fate, God or whatever you call it, also provided me profound insight into how I see my life, so that's why I say there must be intelligence there.

I really believe nothing is a mistake, that everything happens as an effect of everything else, like ripples in a pond, but a really super complex pond that operates with some sort of purpose.

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot said...

well, thats true. everytime i have immagined that we are the masters of our own fate something or the other shook me up hard and that seriously has been a road block in planning for the future. thankfully its often been for the beter.

in the end it is the complexity of the universe that drives us to try and understand it beter. complex chemical reactions are responsible for the smallest muscle movements that eventually create the simple innocent expression your character in the painting has ( which is a beautiful painting, sorry i dint say that earlier ).it is always the simplification of complex things such as emotions or equations that drives us and also prevents us from really planning for the future.

Darryl Young said...


First of all, it's great to hear from you. This has always been one of my favorite paintings of yours, or of anybody eles's. Fortunately, I was able to see it up close once.

The words in your post ring very true, I can attest to that first hand. If you're willing to see, or allow, these connections to happen, you'll be amazed.

I'll write you back in length when I get back from Comic-Con ... which I just happen to be going with Kevin to .... who was my best bud in junior high and I lost touch with for almost 20 years .... who also wound up in animation ..... who happened to know a mutaual friend .... who happened to mention my name one day 1 1/2 years ago to him .... which has caused us to be best buds for the past 1 1/2 years again .... who (Kevin) also mentioned being friends with a certain Julia a while back .... who just happened to stumble upon my blog ..... O.K., I'll shut up ;)

Wish you could go to the Con! ....I'll be at table E-6 just in case you can though :)

Talk Soon,

at the Through the power of the computer, I am once again in touch with another friend :)

Ulla said...

Truly lovely and thoughtful post (you write very well). I am curious if your chance encounter has brought you back to a childhood dream? I've discovered that over time my life seems to spiral in circles... I often try to solve things with 'Serendipity' in mind, but as you say, "We simply have to be open enough to be able to see the significance of events and of the people we meet..." Not always easy, as I am guessing you know. Wonderful thought process!

Jamie Baker said...

I hear the idea that "everything happens for a reason" a lot. I think that some people interpret this idea as our lives (good and bad) being a part of a script written by a supreme being.

I am agnostic about most things so I don't have many firmly held beliefs. I am still unsure if I believe in a creator in that way... but even if I did, I would tend to believe in one who simply made the playing field and then lets the whole game play out as it will, without interfering.

So whether that creator exists or is a figment of the imagination, either way, My feeling is that we live in a stream of chaos, and events that happen by chance or the arbitrary decisions of other human beings that then impact us. I suspect that there is no grand design.

However, we can bring meaning to it all by the choices that we make, by the way we react to the random things that come our way. It is all a life-long improv-session. And beauty, meaning and opportunity can be found in the maelstrom if you think quickly and make the most of what comes along.

So my restatement of the idea would be something like:

"although many things happen for no reason at all, you can bring meaning to that by how you choose to react"


"reasons are in the eye of the beholder"

or something like that.

Some people see this way of viewing the world as nihilistic and depressing. But i don't (personally, the idea of a god who throws cancer and pestilence at us to test us is more scary to ME) and I think that my version places more value on what artists (and scientists, poets and writers) do; they are the diviners of meaning; surfing along the wave of chance...

Maybe this is hair-splitting? Because even my version of this idea ultimately boils down to "You have to make the most of it when life gets hard and seek opportunities where you can, even from unlikely events."