Merry Snow Everyone!

Disneyland at Christmas time will get anyone in the spirit. The design of the Small World building is really great. I think it looks best at Christmas time when it's all lit up with colorful lights:

(I think the design would look cleaner without the santa hat. can't have everything i guess.)

Those Santa Ana winds blowing through Orange County at night are FREEZING!

Here is a shot from inside Small World, minus the audio :)

Peace on Earth, everyone. Lets hope that happens very soon.


Scott O. said...

Cooool! We were just there on the 5th and saw it all decked out for x-mas like you did! When were you guys there?! It's cool, but maaaaan... I'm such an enormous fan of the original Small World that I always miss it when it's gone.

The same goes for Haunted Mansion. I love it done up Nightmare style, but I always prefer the original.

I guess I'm just paranoid about them changing things. I'm not so crazy about what they did with Pirates...

Julia Lundman Midlock (Julie) said...


We were there the first weekend in December to meet up with Mike's aunt and uncle. We had a blast! Really??? Didnt like Pirates? I thought it looked better - i think the new music makes it more mysterious. The Johnny Depp at the end didn't look so hot though.

Small WOrld I think looks nicer with the colored lights. I HATE that Santa Hat on the clock face - tacky!!! Otherwise I like those sparkly colored lights. Looks pretty!

Jamie Baker said...

I like this Photo of you, Julia. Your smile was the brightest light in Disneyland that night.