Saturday Morning Zen: CANCELLED.

The place in Mill Valley that was hosting our Saturday morning drawing/painting workshop is no longer willing, canceling our sessions, much to the disappointment of the regulars who attended. I am sad, yet I am confident something else will open up.

Ironically, two years ago I bought a large amount of charcoal paper to be used specifically for this workshop. The drawing below is rendered on my very last sheet.

Thanks so much to Lenny Lee for putting the workshops together at Mill Valley Art and Paper. It was a great run!

my car was stolen while I was in Chicago during the holidays. the entire set of drawings I did during the two years of my "saturday morning zen" life drawing workshop were in the trunk. All those drawings gone, like tears in the rain. :)


Adam said...

that's awful! i know how much pleasure you got from those workshops. and i loved to see your drawings from them. here's to hoping something else comes along!

you can't see it, but i'm raising my glass of... let's say coca cola right now.

farewell zen workshop!

Kevin said...

Damn, that's really nice Julie! I do not have or ever had that soft touch with charcoal, not even back in school. I have no patience. Good job!

Joseph Merideth said...

i concur this is a buty, jules...
hope you're well!