i had a dream about cicadas: one cicada attached to the back of each hand. they were either putting something into my veins or taking something out, I'm not sure which. it doesn't matter; the cicadas were not easily removable, only a registered nurse could perform the task. in the dream, the cicada removal was very similar to the procedure of intravenous line removal and re-insertion at the hospital where I stayed, most unexpectedly, for about a month.


hatsu semi no uki wo min min miin kana

first cicada
“Look at the floating world!
Look! Loo-ook!”

(Issa, 1812)


In the Chinese classic Journey to the West, the protagonist Priest of Tang was named the Golden Cicada, in this context the multiple shedding of shell of the cicada symbolizes the many stages of transformations required of a person before all illusions have been broken and one reaches enlightenment.


susan said...

Thanks for the post Julie--aren't dreams strange and wonderful! I like the cicada pictures.

Deborah Schutz said...

Love the drawings! I am glad you are doing better. John had a lot of weird dreams after his abdominal surgery, too.

Aunt Deb

Ulla said...

Love that you took the time to illustrate your dream, and followed it up with research. A profound dream of mine (with butterflies - which symbolize the soul) led me into teaching full time! I believe our unconscious can tell us so much if we just take the time to listen...