More sketchbook stuff

I love working on this collaborative sketchbook project with my friend Cheryln. My train of thought always takes me to unexpected places. The blue mushroom drawing led me to the bavarian hair portrait after I saw a photo of a "coral head" in my friend Rhode's incredible studio:



Kevin said...

I really like that top sketch!
Great stuff.

Deborah Schutz said...

A collaborative sketchbook, what a great idea! This goes back to your Coral Reef post about the interconnectedness of life, people, etc.

My watercolor society is currently working on a collaborative project for a local gallery. We have done this before. Everyone paints a watercolor square, which are all hung masterfully together on the entire back wall of the gallery. There is a theme usually around a season. When you walk in, it looks like one huge painting, but as you get closer, you realize that it is all these smaller individual paintings by different artists. It is the coolest thing.

Aunt Deb

Julia Lundman said...

oh yes, i think i remember seeing a poster of what you're describing, Debbie! I had never done a collaborative sketchbook before, but have found it really inspirational!

I also think it is a really great way to have a sense of community with artists. I think painting and drawing can be a very solitary activity, but when done with a group in a workshop setting or like what you describe, somehow it is more enjoyable and the end result is richer in a lot of ways.

Thanks for commenting! I hope to see your paintings someday, Deb!