I only have a few backgrounds in my archives from all the Lucky Charms commercials I worked on in the 1990's. Here are a few. As you can see, this style and color palette is very different from the revised and updated palette in the two previous posts.

This background is a four foot long painting used in a pan camera move from left to right. Lucky was flying through the air in this particular scene. I think it took me a week to paint it. Too bad I can't show you a larger version. I think I had scanned it in sections and put it together in Photoshop.


Gerald de Dios said...

Love all your background paintings! Thanks so much for sharing :D

:::Julia Lundman::: said...

Thanks for checking them out Gerald! I think you may be my only blog visitor! haha

I have been trying to organize all the artwork I have scattered across various hard drives so that I can eventually have a website that integrates my professional work with personal. I'm posting some of it here just so I can share and explain my career, more for myself than anything.

Thanks so much for visiting. Hope to see you soon at the next paint out!