"Fall" work in progress

I am working on a series of four paintings, emblems of the Seasons, as I envision them. I sketched out all four earlier this year and finally have the time to resume completing the series. These paintings are entirely from imagination, a skill I have always admired in others, and lately have explored more fully myself (and not for portfolio pieces aimed at gaining a job). I really enjoy aspects of designing a picture that I cannot get from posing a model and painting him or her from life. In addition to that, I have this desire to attempt to make beautiful pictures that are pretty, simple, sometimes fantasy, playful in proportion and design, interpretive, and entirely my own.

In addition to this series, I am also working on a series of Elements paintings. I also have planned two small self published books, which I've designed but need to illustrate. I have no idea how long it will take, given that I have a full time job - but I'll just work, work, work until they are done.

Here is the beginning of "Fall": I coated a piece of cold press illustration board with three thin coats of acrylic gesso, let dry, and am now in the process of transferring the drawing (enlarged from my sketch) on to the board via Saral wax free transfer paper. Since the sketch is so small, I am also drawing out details on top of the transfer, making my drawing exactly as I want it. I've added an expression to the drawing as well, which was not present in the original sketch. Next step will be a small color sketch before painting the larger piece seen here. Stay tuned! (may take about a week)


Jamie Baker said...

I really love this one. I like the idea for this series very much and this is my fave of the sketches you have done (well, so far anyway!) The more wistful expression you've added to the clean up here really works well too. Are you going to do colour thumbnails before moving ahead with the big one?

:::Julia Lundman::: said...

thanks for checking in on my blog!
probably the best thing to do is make small color sketches of all four before beginning this piece. however, i am short on time since i need to finish this by APE. I think I'll take my chances and just go one by one. I have some ideas of where I'd like to go with this anyway.
I wasn't sure if the expression would make it look a little corny, but I went for it anyway. The reason being that I am trying to get more expressiveness in the features in my drawings and paintings. So many of them look a little wooden to me in the faces. I don't like exaggeration or total blankness; I am going for somewhere in between.