Alternative Press Expo - Table #102

Hello! I am making my ***DEBUT ** this October 16-17th at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco - BOOTH 102! I've been outlining and designing a few long term projects that I plan to work on incrementally over the course of a few years. At this years' APE festival, I will kick off by selling 4 prints (and some original art) that represent a piece from each project that I will be expanding upon:

- the first in a series of art prints entitled "The Seasons". This series will continue with "Winter", "Spring", and "Summer".
"Daisy" - this is an art print from two self published children's books I am working on. The first book centers around a little girl who imagines herself to be a flower. In the second book, she imagines herself in an aquarium. The books will have no words, only illustrations.

"Luna" - this is a preliminary character exploration from a book I have outlined entitled, "The Fairy Conservatory".

"Sephalina" - this print is a pin up of my boyfriend Jamie Baker's character from his comic book, "Sephalina". Jamie self published a full color comic which will also be on sale at APE at his booth 108, a few doors down from mine. His book is hilarious, plus I love the way Jamie draws - I am honored to have a pin up in it! If you enjoy: Sci Fi, comics, humor, hot space girls, and art, you MUST pick this one up. MUST!

Please stop by BOOTH 102 to check out my prints, say hello and sign my guest book! I am so excited and *VERY* nervous! It is so, so ON!


Bill Robinson said...

That Fall piece came out GREAT! See you at APE!

:::Julia Lundman::: said...

oh THANK YOU so much for commenting! I worked so hard on that and had a lot of trouble with it, so I really really really appreciate the encouragement!

Getting stuff ready for APE is so much more work than I imagined!

K.B. said...

Julie i love these. You are too modest. I especially love Luna and spring !! Great work. Love the blog and seeing your process too. I will be back here often.

Cherylyn Bredemann said...

absolutely awesome! Hope you have a great show. I still need to get you some photos of L for inspiration for your other "project" -- Great job!

Gerald de Dios said...

I missed this year's Ape Con, caught that bug going around....but your set up looked Amazing!!! Glad you were able to fill up your table, I had a few booth mates last year. Hope it was a great experience?! Looked like a good location for your table too? Very cool.