Gil Elvgen Charcoal at the American Academy of Art

Here is the drawing by 1950's pin up artist Gil Elvgren I was referring to in the previous post. Unfortunately these are the only photographs I have. The drawing was under glass, so there is a glare. I was also new to photography when I took these 15 years ago. :)

If anyone has a better photo of this drawing, please send it and I'll post it!

This drawing is best seen in person. When I first saw this hanging on the walls at the American Academy of Art, i had an overwhelming desire to learn to draw this way so I could also create something so incredibly beautiful. I'm still working on trying to achieve this level of beauty in my life drawings.


Kevin Barber said...

Holy awesome. I don't remember seeing this one but i do remember an original Elvegren Pin up painting that was behind a door in one of the life drawing rooms. Grasp that,..an original Elvrgren just hung where anyone could touch and scuff it behind the door.Couldn't believ it. It's a peice of gold.such shody treatment. Anyway,..thanks for posting this amazing work.

Julia Lundman Midlock (Julie) said...

I know! Wasn't that insane? There were so many famous artists' paintings just right there on the class room walls. You'd think they'd at least put them under glass or something.

This drawing was in the front hallway by the offices, so I walked past it every day on the way to ... geeze I can't even remember the guy's name now. Scary.


kevin said...

Hey Julie - I remember seeing both Elvgren's everyday.
The painting was in the life drawing class, but I don't remember whose? Berger's? Or Parks' first year class? Just great paintings.

Jenny said...

Wow--I love your blog, am in awe of your ability and eye and thank you heartily for posting these photos of the Elvgren!