Light and Shadow

"Dahlias Forever", oil, 9"x12"

I saw some orange dahlias a few weeks ago and bought them so I could set up a still life for painting. I was surprised they lasted long enough to do two paintings - two weeks. When I looked up the historical meaning behind dahlias, I found that in the victorian era dahlias represented enduring love because they last so long.

I like the shadow and light effect I get from placing flowers on this windowsill. When I set up still life objects for painting, I'm always looking for strong lighting. For me, strong lighting illustrates the idea of sun and moon, positive and negative, Yin and Yang. This painting has all the essential elements I believe in, plus one: Earth, Sun, Moon, and enduring love.

"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars." -- Og Mandino


Joe said...

I love this post more than you can imagine!...for a number of reasons really but first of all what a great thought about the approach to light and dark and what it symbolizes for you...perhaps my favorite bit of what you've written...also, bj just adopted a new dog and her name is Dahlia...and next that there is someone named OG in this world...who is this person and what do they do? the painting is spectacular as well...don't mean to pass that up!!! they are perfect for one another...(the writing and the piece)
thanks j


Julia Lundman Midlock (Julie) said...

Thanks Joe! Dahlia is an awesome name for a dog! That guy Og is some sales superstar that has all these memorable quotes all over the web. I came across that quote on some website somewhere that now I can't remember. I thought it was cool and yeah, Og lives! hahaha

Thanks again Joe -


Dad said...

I enjoyed this post as well, Julie. And I love the painting too.